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The Opal Coast

The Côte d’Opale’s 120 km of beaches, dunes and cliffs unfurl between Dunkerque and Baie de Somme.

La Côte d’Opale déroule ses 120 km de plages, de dunes et de falaises entre Dunkerque et la Baie de Somme.

It’s a landscape full of contrasts, mixing the bright green of its meadows with the blue-grey of the waves : a region which lives from the sea and plays with the wind.

The Côte d’Opale is traditionally both influenced by the sea and rooted in the land, an alliance that, although often violently broken throughout history, has always been repaired, to form a fragile balance between the waves of the Channel and the furrows of the fields.

This is also a region of health and fitness, where you can make a stopover to take in a new sight and linger a while to enjoy the caprices of this authentic and wild country, from town to town, from beaches to pine forests.

Located at a crossroads between several cultures, the Opal Coast has had a rich and tumultuous past, creating a broad-sweeping historical heritage, moving individual stories and eternal legends. The region has maintained all its authenticity in the traditional festivals which celebrate the abundance of the local produce of the terroir or the harvest of the seas. Each event, each memory is a cause for celebration throughout the seasons.

The “tourist” star catalogue of the Opal Coast reflects the diversity of its landscapes and histories. The different towns and districts (communes) have decided to expand on certain of their historical and natural features. So we have seen the creation of “constellations” each promoting nature, sport, fitness, golf or the discovery of its heritage.

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